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HERSTORY is a powerful testimony of a woman's struggle for Identity, success in the rat race world, and a closer relationship with God. Ingrid pulls you into her history in a manner that is engaging and audacious. It is consistently insightful and compelling to read.  ****
Abe Omakaru 

In a singular manner and with singular voice, Ingrid
Walter Campbell offers a semi-autobiographical account of disturbing events in the not so faraway land of Barova. The author takes us along a personal yet highly discerning narrative of political intrigue, bureaucratic folly, official corruption and unpredictable interventions both mortal and divine.

There is an almost surreal sense of place (I am reminded of Kafka's "Amerika") and yet time and place become hauntingly familiar through a succession of characters sometimes frightening, sometimes comical but always all-too-human.

This is a story of courage, faith and the pains of a growing soul. It is also a thinly disguised series of dramatic events occurring in a male dominated society from the almost underground perspective of the author, the woman at the center of the storm. Hence the play on words: from History to HerStory.

Ms. Campbell has given us a well written and fascinating first work that touches the reader's instincts and holds his rapt attention until the very last page. We can only anticipate her next with great eagerness.
— M. Santamaria 

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"I feel I know you." A.S., New Jersey, USA to the author.

"I am studying this book like I am studying for the CXC." B.D., Guyana, South America.

"Our time has come." G.G.F, Atlanta, USA

, a new book by Ingrid Walter Campbell, is the fictional story of a woman in search of a lamp, who eventually finds a light that will last her a lifetime.
Set in the fictional third world country of Barova, HerStory portrays life in a simpler time. However, this story is not one with an easy ending. The book’s heroine must face her fears and is forced to make difficult choices. After a chance encounter, she discovers a light that is even more important to her than the lamp she so earnestly sought. 
Inspired by the author’s own life, HerStory is a personal testimony to all of Barova’s children around the world. By writing this book, the author found peace by acknowledging her true feelings about her past. She was able to see humor in situations she once considered bad, and it is her hope that the book will encourage others to explore their own hearts and minds.

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Once I began reading I finished it in one sitting (which is something I just don't do these days.) The fact is I didn't want to stop until I could find out "what happens next". I switched off the light around 5:00 a.m., satisfied, and was sound asleep in minutes, if not seconds. My ambivalence was dissipated.

I enjoyed HerStory not because it is a masterpiece. Maybe I was gripped to it because it is semiautobiographical and, as a fellow Guyanese, the story resonates with some common experiences. As you get further into it, you cannot help but drift sentimentally, even romantically - in statu quo - unconsciously imitating some central characters as though you were in their presence — live — and experiencing their virtual realities.

The theme centers around the mysterious death of several individuals, which had been causing much distress in government quarters, and the government analysts' role in finding the cause of the deaths, quickly, so as not to cause panic.

If you are Guyanese you soon recognize the nuanced description of people, places and things, which is quite refreshing, especially if you have been living outside for a while. Her descriptions of places and things, of
personalities and attitudes, decorum and behavior are vivid and lucid, some times evocative, with subtle bland humor.

...These however do not distract from a wonderful sensitive journey. There is a sense of genuineness, urgency, soul-searching and fulfillment — catharsis if you will.

Did she find reconciliation and closure to this harrowing period of her life? Maybe.  Maybe not. It seems that Tennyson's consolatory words are apt: "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." Inevitably one develops a warming empathy.

Gary Girdhari
Guyana Journal

"Gal, E prappa good. Me sid down and me read am and me na git up til e done."

Daughta , Queens, New York

About the Author

A scholar and self-proclaimed child at heart, Ingrid Walter Campbell holds a master’s degree in forensic science and an MBA from Pace University in New York City. She resides in Rockland County, New York and is currently working on her second book.

Product Description
A woman in search of a lamp eventually finds light to last a lifetime. HerStory (her story) is set in a "third world" country where science collides with politics and "security". HerStory has a bit of romance for the lovers at heart, as well as mystery and mystique for a good afternoon's read. However, there's no fairy tale ending. 
This lightly humorous book is dedicated to children at heart and children everywhere.

..“God bless me! but the Elephant is very like a wall!”..
.."tis mighty clear this wonder of an Elephant is very like a spear!”          spiritual capital cardiff  

..“I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant is very like a snake!”..
..“ ‘Tis clear enough the Elephant is very like a tree!”.. and so on. 

Excerpts were taken from a poem by John P. Saxe (1816

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